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THE ONE Server

Ditch those spaghetti setup, This is THE ONE Server you ever needed.
The One Audio Server surely stand out of it own. it build from the ground up. We have spent over 5 years in Research & Development for this ultimate Audio Server. Every Key components is Bespoke in house. Including operating system, Full Linear ATX Power Supply, OCXO Modules, ATX internal wires and Enclosure.

We are limited to the introductory production for only 25 units world wide. Each will have it own serial number to match

World Premier of the Dream OS Driven by Memory Playback
This is our proprietary time perfect OS. In our development for extreme server we know that an operating system is as important as any critical components. we had gone through all the OS available but still not able to find the one that really able to provide the sound quality that we need. therefore Dream OS was born. Our OS main goal are time accuacy base on reducing latency on IO, Processor and OS. As a result we are so impress with the result on sound reproduction.

OCXO 10ppb Module available for Music Server
▪ OCXO Ethernet
▪ Optional OCXO Chipset / Processor 

Extreme Low Latency Server
▪ Processor Latency AVG 10 us
▪ OS Operating Latency AVG 8 us
▪ IO Latency AVG 5 us

Custom Fanless Aluminum Enclosure
▪ Bespoke 10+ Independent Power Rails LPS module
▪ Emi-Optimized Motherboard
▪ Custom 16 AWG ATX 7N Copper Internal Wire
▪ Modular Connector for feather isolation
▪ SSD Storage Optional
▪ USB 3.0 PCM 32bit / 768kHz and DoP Native DSD

Music Playback Options
▪ Roon Server
▪ DLNA / Mini-Server
▪ HQ Player